CTH Training Classes are postponed due to the pandemic. Once we believe it is safe, we will announce in-person training opportunities on this website and via email. Please email me if you would like to be added to my email list for future announcements.

Course topics: CTH theory, problem generation and setup, basic equation of state and constitutive properties, programmed burn, reactive burn, tracer points, running on parallel computers, boundary conditions, fracture, Spymaster visualization (both on-the-fly and post-processing) and adaptive mesh refinement (AMR). Numerous examples will be discussed with plenty of hands on computer time in laboratory exercises.

Prerequisites: You must have a current CTH license to attend.

Approximate Course Schedule

I recommend that you come to the class with an application for CTH in mind with a simplified description of the geometry and materials. You will have opportunity during the week to get started on that.

1st Day

CTH overview, Example Problem: First Look, Essential Elements of the CTH Input Deck.

2nd Day

Recommended and Optional Elements of the CTH Input Deck, Introduction to Spymaster, Example problem: Detailed Look.

3rd Day

Introduction to Strength Modeling, Shock Physics and Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR).

4th Day

Advanced AMR and other topics as requested.

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